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VLC creators working on a cross-platform video editing app

VLC is a cross-platform media player that can handle all sorts of audio and video files. It's open source, free, and available for Mac, Linux, and Windows, which makes it all sorts of awesome. There's even a portable version that you can run from a USB flash drive. And that's why it's pretty exciting that the some of the folks who brought us VLC are now working on a cross-platform video editor called VideoLAN Movie Creator, or VLMC.

Right now VLMC is still in the early stages. Like really, really early. But the source is available, and a Reddit user compiled it and grabbed the screenshot you can see above.

While there are already free video editing tools for Windows, Mac, and Linux (Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, and Cinelerra come to mind), the Windows solutions tend to be minimalistic while the Linux versions are often overly complicated. I'm hopeful that VLMC could provide a decent middle ground. Plus the fact that it's cross platform could make it easy for people to hop between different computers running different operating systems without feeling like they need to learn a new video editing system for each platform.

[via Lifehacker]

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