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Hulu signs deal with Warner Music Group

The other day, Hulu finally rolled out Hulu Magazine for Foreigners. Ok, so it's really a thumbnailed caption search, but guys like me and Sebastian have to put a positive spin on new Hulu features when we can since we may never get to use them.

Now there's word that Hulu has agreed to a distribution deal with Warner Music Group. The deal will allow Hulu to begin working on artist pages where fans can watch interviews, concert footage, and music videos. If you happen to be a Jason Mraz fan, you're Lucky - he's apparently first on Hulu's list to roll out.

Hulu signed their first music-related deal last month with EMI. It'll be interesting to see if they can work out an arrangement with the two remaining major labels - Sony and Universal - since they're already in bed with Google over at Vevo.

[via AfterDawn]

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