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Airlock: auto-lock your Mac, unlock it with your iPhone or iPod Touch

If you use your Mac in a crowded office or coffee shop, you know it's a pain to lock and unlock it when you have to step away for a minute. Airlock automates the process, allowing your Mac to auto-lock when you leave, and then automatically unlock again when you come back. How is this neat trick possible? Well, Airlock uses the Bluetooth signal from your iPhone or iPod Touch to detect your proximity to your computer.

The Airlock system assumes you're carrying your mobile device with you when you step away from the computer, and that you have it with your while you're working. Airlock also installs a preference pane where you can change options like the range of the Bluetooth unlock signal and also set up an old-school password unlock in case Airlock has one of its rare failures. You can also change how often Airlock checks for your iPhone, setting it to check less frequently if you need to save battery.

[via TUAW]

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