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Songbird 1.4.1 for Windows lands, with iPod sync and CD ripping

The Windows version of Songbird, an open-source music app, just hit version 1.4.1 and introduced some very attractive new features. Foremost among Songbird's latest batch of goodies is support for external storage devices. You can sync songs (and playlists) on some devices using the MSC (Mass Storage Class) add-on, and there's even an iPod Device Support extension that makes your iPod show up in Songbird.

Other new features include CD Rip Support, with automatic metadata lookup. I can't believe Songbird didn't have this earlier, even though CDs are in drastic decline. Anyway, the feature's here now, so,if you're still into that whole "buying physical media" thing, you don't have to avoid Songbird any longer. There's also a new skin (also know as a "feather" in Songbird) called Purple Rain, which updates Songbird's UI for a more media-centric and less browser-like experience.

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