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iTunes alternative DoubleTwist finally integrates Amazon MP3 store

I did a little dance when doubleTwist added support for the iPhone and iPod Touch earlier this year. U.S. users of the iTunes alternative have another reason to get excited now: the arrival of Amazon's MP3 store.

The doubleTwist Music Store works pretty much like iTunes. Search for songs, click to buy, sync 'em with your device. You need to have valid payment option set up with Amazon and a U.S. billing address. Everyone else is out of luck until Amazon figures out how to roll out global access.

I'm not holding my breath. Hell, the Canadian MP3 store has been "coming soon" since early 2008. Oh well, at least I can use doubleTwist to sync my eMusic purchases... *sigh*

The new version is ready for download at, and it's an excellent iTunes alternative - even if you can't use the store.

[via Lifehacker]

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