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VLC for Mac in its dying throes due to lack of developers

Quick! Are you a Mac programmer? An open source advocate? Well, VLC has a job for you! You've always wanted to lead up an entire development branch of the world-famous VideoLAN Client, right?

It seems, through gradual atrophy and a steep learning curve that prevents developers from just 'jumping right in', VLC for Mac now has zero developers; none, nada, zilch. Looking at the time stamps on the VLC forum, development for the Mac has been weak since at least May this year, with bugs and Mac-specific improvements going untended due to lack of MacOS X programmers.

I don't know if VLC for Mac is as vital as the PC version, but I assume it fills a gap -- its coverage of almost every codec makes it a fantastic cross-platform app. It would be a crying shame to see the Mac version perish after all these years. I hope someone heeds the call; there must be a benevolent Mac coder out there that has a little spare time to throw at a noble open-source endeavour?

[via Slashdot -- VLC for Mac download link]

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