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Portal - the Flash Version is a kick-ass Time Waster

Portal - the Flash Version

Armor Games is publishing a fan-made re-creation of Valve's incredibly popular game Portal as 2-D puzzle platformer called Portal - the Flash Version, and it's awesome. The concept is the same; you have an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD) that you can use to create blue and yellow portals that are connected. Objects passing into one portal, including yourself, emerge from the other one.

The game is then a puzzle of figuring out how to get from entrance to exit without dying. As you progress, the obstacles you are presented with increase, as does the challenge level. It's clever, stylish, at times brain-twisting, and always fun.

I have to wonder at the legality of this kind of homage game. When it starts, the following disclaimer is presented:

Valve Software did not contact the developers of the following game during or before the development of the game. This is a fan made game. All links associated with this game are fan sites, and has nothing to do with producing or publishing Portal.

What do you think?

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