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MapQuest introduces updates for Blackberry, Android, and iPhone

Although we've seen MapQuest struggling to keep up with Google Maps, the popular map service continues to add features and improve existing ones. MapQuest has been especially active in the mobile arena lately, introducing new versions of Mapquest Mobile 4 for BlackBerry and iPhone, and updating its mobile site for iPhone and Android users.

The most important new feature on MapQuest's mobile site is the ability to let MapQuest use your location on iPhones and Android devices.

Both the new apps and the new mobile site have added walking directions.

Wait, what? MapQuest didn't have these before? Oh right, they're struggling to keep up. can also now locate business and provide better search results on iPhone and Android. In addition, the updated iPhone app offers a new, more readable way to view directions, with a larger map and a collapsable directions list.

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