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Tired of gaming with it? Turn your Wii Remote into a mouse!

It's hardly news now, but it hasn't been a great year so far for the Nintendo Wii. For two years it completely blew its over-priced competitors out of the water -- but it seems the tide has finally changed. 2009 hasn't been good to the Wii (though it is doing very well in the run-up to Christmas.) Basically, without getting all geeky, the problem is this: there's a lack of good games. Many of us own a Wii, but few of us actually turn it on -- because there's nothing to play.

It's a shame and a waste to just leave that happy, little white box there on the floor gathering dust, so... you should do as I've done and turn your Wiimote ('Wii Remote'?) into a mouse! We're not just talking the pointy-noisy-vibratey part of the Wii Remote either (I'm sure there's a technical name for it) -- this app includes support for the nunchuck too! If, for some reason, you want to control your computer with your Wii controller, this is your chance. All you need is a Bluetooth dongle and a powered sensor bar (if you're feeling risky, try out the hilarious 'sensor bar wireless hack' over on Engadget, from way back in 2006).

You might think it's a little pointless... and you're right. But let's face it, there isn't a whole lot you can do with your Wii until the next Zelda title or Super Mario Galaxy 2 is released in 2010.

If you have a Wii and a penchant for pointing, download Wii Remote Mouse now! (Windows only, alas.)

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