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Digsby's at it again - this time they want you to tweet for dollars

Digsby, I really want to like your app. It is, after all, one of the best multi-protocol instant messaging apps around. But when you keep doing unsavory stuff like this, well... it makes it hard to do that.

If you happen to be connected to Digsby's email sewage pipe, you no doubt received the same offer I did. It read kind of like this: "Hey, we're friends with the dudes at and they pay famous Twitterers to annoy the crap out of you with sponsored tweets. Now you can make cash and lose respect that way, too!"

You want us to sign up for a sponsored tweet program now? So that we can tweet about "really cool stuff?" And I can win a Macbook pro and earn 12% of what my referrals earn just for doing this?

Wow, sign me up!

Sign me up for a big helping of get the hell out of my inbox, that is.

I'm also not sure why -- if this is such a great opportunity -- Digsby wouldn't share it on their official blog. Have a look - as of tonight, anyway, there's no mention of anywhere. If you're not proud and/or excited enough to blog about it, why pester your users via email? Are Digsby's friendships so swift, so fleeting, that they'll jump into bed with anyone with sizable Twitter followings?

Did I mention that have 70,000+ followers? Do you think might like the 12% cut of their referrals? This just reeks of conniving, sell-out shit. I understand that Digsby wants to earn money, but there's got to be a better way. I use tons of free software, and none of it has tried to profit from my idle CPU, push a bunch of install offers for craptacular software, or ask me to compromise my integrity in exchange for a few pennies.

I'm certainly glad I can do everything I would want to do with Digsby with Pidgin instead.

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