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Pomodoro - a productivity timer for your Mac

PomodoroThe Pomodoro technique is a time-management productivity technique that involves giving yourself a set amount of time to work on a specific task, and then a short rest period. Finding timers that are specifically suited to this task can be troublesome, but our buddy Steven Sande over at TUAW has already done the hard work for us. And it turns out the best Mac tool for performing the Pomodoro Technique is called simply Pomodoro.

At its most basic level, Pomodoro is a timer. But because it's intended to be used in a productivity methodology, it includes some extra features that can be really useful. For example, you can actually set up Pomodoro names (which are essentially task names), so that when each cycle comes around your computer actually prompts you for what you should be working on. Each pomodoro is then logged, so you can go back and see what you've been working on.

There are all sorts of customizations that allow you to make Pomodoro work the way that you like to work - you can dive into the preferences to find them. As an unobtrusive menu-bar timer, Pomodoro has become my newest and most beloved productivity timer.

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