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Blippy publishes your credit card transactions to the web

You knew the trend toward transparency on the web would reach this point eventually: there's now an app that lets you automatically publish every credit card purchase you make to the web, where friends can comment and interact with them, Facebook-style. It's called Blippy.

The idea of showing your friends everything you buy obviously raises some privacy concerns. Some purchases are embarrassing, and sometimes you might just want to be off the grid. Blippy suggests using a separate credit card for the service, so you have control over which transactions show up and which don't. On the other hand, Blippy makes location-based social networking almost automatic: if you share your purchases in real time, your friends know your location in real time, no check-in necessary.

Blippy will also integrate with other sites, like iTunes and Amazon, to show more details of what you bought. That's pretty cool, actually, because it's more than my bank and credit card websites show me. Sometimes it's easy to forget what you spent that $40 on at Amazon. Even if you're not cool with sharing your whole retail life with the Internet, that extra information might make a private Blippy account worth having.

What do you think, Download Squad readers? Will Blippy catch on? Would you use it?

[via TechCrunch]

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