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3D browser apps and games creep ever closer with the WebGL draft standard

The Khronos Group, which is in charge of the tried-and-tested OpenGL framework, has announced that its work with Mozilla to form a 3D Web standard has reached draft standard form. Ladies and gentlemen: WebGL is born!

Draft standards rarely undergo many changes, and most of the important details and unique selling points are now set in stone. There are already nascent, developer versions of WebGL built into beta versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome -- and now, with the draft standard in place, you can expect to see rapid development of both full WebGL support in the browser, and applications that can utilize the new technology.

Don't expect to see first-person shooters like Modern Warfare 2 rendered in-browser for a while though; it's still very much early days. First you'll see 3D-editing tools, then simple virtual worlds, and eventually in-browser 3D games that rival their native-code cousins.

[via CNET]

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