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Stream live video from your iPhone with Ustream Live Broadcaster

Ustream, the popular streaming web video service, has just won the race to bring live streaming video to the iPhone. There have been a few almost-there attempts. People got their hopes up about Qik, but its video uploads weren't live. Ustream launched an iPhone app, but it was a viewer, not a broadcaster. Then, an app called Knocking made 1-to-1 video streaming possible. None of these previous apps have actually been able to do one-to-many live broadcasting the way Ustream Live Broadcaster can.

Ustream Live Broadcaster works over 3G or wifi, and it has a lot of the features Ustream web users are already familiar with. You can see the chat about your video, and share it over Facebook and Twitter. You can check out Ustream Live Broadcaster for free in the App Store.

[via TechCrunch]

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