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Malicious Linux screensaver proves any OS's biggest vulnerability is sitting in the chair

Dig up a post on just about any blog about antivirus programs for Windows, and you'll probably come across at least one comment from a Linux or Mac flexing about how impervious his or her OS is.

Which is true, to a point, but your defenses are only as good as the people using them. Careless Mac downloaders have been blindsided by several trojans injected into torrent downloads this year. Over at, it appears as though Linux users are now being targeted as well.

Packed inside an innocent-looking waterfall screensaver were a few lines of code that tucked themselves away in /usr/bin/ upon installation. While the script did little more than ping a remote server and later use wget to download an alteration to the code, this incident should serve as an important reminder to all computer users.

No matter how secure your operating system claims to be, it's you who ultimately makes your system secure or insecure.

Wield your mouse with care, surfers!

[via ZDNet]

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