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Mozilla flips email the (Thunder)bird, releases v3

Mozilla Messaging, a subsidiary of Mozilla, has just released Thunderbird 3. Compared to its illustrious brother Firefox, Thunderbird receives relatively little attention. Why? I have no idea...Thunderbird is frickin' great, and with version 3 there's lots of new, juicy functionality that will hopefully (finally?) make a dent in overlord Outlook's market share.

Version 3 brings everyone's favourite productivity-booster and memory-sucker: tabs. Open email in tabs! Folders! Websites even! They're stored, just like Firefox, so when you open it again your tabs pop back into existence. For the enthusiasts and power-users there are filtered searches and 'smart folders' that can contain email from multiple accounts.

There's also better integration with Gmail, support for Windows 7 (and OS X -- Thunderbird is cross-platform!) and, for the new users, there's a nice, new set-up wizard to guide you through your first few baby steps.

If you've never tried Thunderbird, or perhaps never even tried an offline mail program like Outlook or Eudora, now's a great time to give it a go.

Download Thunderbird 3 now!

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