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Google Chrome Extensions Gallery is open for business!

Those of you who have been waiting for the official Google Chrome Extensions gallery to open, wait no more! The switch has been flipped and Google's repository is now open the the public.

Things have been fairly active already, it would seem, with several extensions already reporting several thousand installs. There are currently 337 338 extensions total (and climbing, apparently). Among Google's 39 featured extensions are scripts from Zoho, Glue, Brizzly, and several from Google themselves.

One nagging question seems to have been answered: ad blocking extensions are apparently ok, at least to some extent. Video downloader and the like? You'll need to head to for those.

Head on over and check it out, or check out a few more images after the break - and share your thoughts in the comments!

The gallery's landing page lists a handful of "top picks"

As expected, extension pages allow you to rate and comment

Although Google's rules specify that developers must supply a quality icon, a few extensions seem to be lacking one.

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