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TooManyTabs extension for Google Chrome fights tab overload

When you load Google Chrome up with tabs, it can get a little tricky to remember what you have open on which tab. If you're the kind of surfer who routinely opens so many tabs that Chrome has them all squeezed down to little more than a favicon, you owe it to yourself to check out TooManyTabs.

Click the extension's toolbar button (or tap control + ~) and the window above appears. Not only does it present thumbnails of all your open tabs, but there's also a search option and three ways to sort: alphabetically, by tab creation time, and grouped by website. It seems as though sorting might not be 100% yet - I was unable to get my tabs to re-organize when testing under a recent Chromium nightly build.

Tabs can also be suspended by TooManyTabs. Simply click the orange arrow next to its header and the tab is torn off your Chrome window and filed away for later use. Doing so frees up resources and allows you to quickly return later via the TMT window.

You can download TooManyTabs from right now, and the official release will come later this week - when Google opens the doors to the Chrome Extensions Gallery.

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