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The other AIM: Yahoo's Ad Interest Manager

Despite a rather counter-intuitive name, Yahoo have just announced the next stage of their we-shall-be-great-again game plan: the Ad Interest Manager.

Like Google, Yahoo makes 'educated guesses' about what ads to show you, based on your surfing habits. Yahoo wants to go one step further (or one step back, depending on your point of view): you can now opt out of 'interest-based' ads. I can't imagine why you would want to -- Google's primary business is in matching ads to your particular interests -- but it's nice to have the option there, for privacy if nothing else. It does get a little grating when the only ads I get on Facebook are for dating services, I have to admit...

As of today, other than the opt-out, you can see the information Yahoo keeps about you. But this is just a beta of the Ad Interest Manager! You can expect to see other ways of controlling your surfing experience, and privacy, on the Yahoo! network of sites in the next few weeks.

[via The Business Insider]

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