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AT&T Mark the Spot: an iPhone app that lets you report sucky service

Released by AT&T themselves, Mark the Spot is an iPhone app that very simply lets you report outages in your mobile connectivity. Have a look at the screenshot -- what you see is what you get. An honest, earnest piece of troubleshooting software!

Kudos must be given to AT&T for a truly humble app. Network admins have limited contact with the end-users during the best of times -- there's a smoke-screen of customer support FUD in between -- but with an app like this, AT&T can get direct, useful feedback.

But humble applications like these are double-edged blades. Imagine if you had an app that let you report, directly to Microsoft, every time Mr Clippy bugged you in a banal, bothersome fashion? I'm sure AT&T have released Mark the Spot with honorable intentions but I can foresee nefarious uses in its immediate future.

Being a British citizen I don't know if there are such things as 'Verizon Warriors' or some kind of 'V' zealotry (this is classic blue vs. red mentality isn't it?), but is it too crazy to imagine Verizon grabbing a bunch of iPhones, installing Mark the Spot, and sending its staff all over America to submit false feedback?

Relying on the customer for reliable feedback is risky at the best of times. Assuming app users will be trustworthy at the height of this polarized and bitter war between AT&T and Verizon is just plain stupid.

[via Just Another iPhone Blog -- Mark the Spot on iTunes (free)]

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