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Millions of new Avast users will be offered Google Chrome

Where would you turn if you were looking for ways to capture new users for your web browser? And not necessarily savvy tech-types like Download Squad readers. I'm talking about average users, who might not know what Google Chrome is - or even what a web browser is, for that matter.

Here's a wacky idea. What not ask the developers of one of the most popular pieces of free software in the entire world to offer your browser whenever someone installs the latest version? That's exactly what Google has done -- shaking hands with Alwil Software, the makers of Avast. alone has logged some 65 million downloads of Avast over the years, and it's available from other places as well. The bottom line is that Google now gets the benefit of a prominently displayed billboard that will be seen by several hundred thousand people every week, many of whom will likely opt-in and download Chrome.

On top of that, the opt-in screen says "Avast recommends." It's another subtle but brilliant move. After all, who knows what browser is going to keep you safe and secure better than a company developing antimalware products (again, in the eyes of the average user)?

Here's another wacky idea for you, Google. Maybe it's time to bump Firefox from the Google Pack and start pushing Chrome instead? Just a thought.

[via CNet]

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