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Favit by brings the funniest tweets to your iPhone

Don't know where to look for the funniest material on Twitter? keeps tracks of the most-favorited tweets on the site, and delivers them all in one place. And now they've got an iPhone app that's even better! It's called Favit and its extremely simple UI delivers the laughs directly to your face, with no clutter involved. It even filters out boring tech tweets and celebrities, making sure you only get the funny stuff.

Favit will show you a popular tweet, and the only decision you need to make is whether to give it a star or not. The tweets are all anonymized, unlike on, which adds the extra element of trying to guess who wrote the joke in question. If you're curious, you can peek, but you have to favorite (or not) first, which removes bias. Favit is a good way to find funny people to follow, and it's also like having a constantly-updated joke book in your pocket. LOL!

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