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Sumotori Dreams - sumo Time Waster with added WTF

Perusing Videogum today, I came across one of the most hilarious games I've ever seen. It's called Sumotori Dreams, and, although I think it's supposed to be a sumo wrestling game, it's more like a falling-down-and-rolling-on-the-floor simulator. You can download and play the game, which weighs in at a surprisingly un-sumo-like file size of 96k, but it's just as funny to watch demo videos of the characters in motion.

Although the object of the game appears to involve attacking your opponent, actual gameplay includes flailing around like a bad tap dancer and occasionally falling on top of the other player through sheer dumb luck. The music - which apparently causes the game to crash sometimes - only adds to the absurd sumo slapstick routine. You couldn't make it any funnier if you replaced it with Yakety Sax. If you're looking for a fun game with plenty of challenge and hours of replay value, you haven't found it. If you want to laugh out loud for 5 minutes straight, check out Sumotori (or watch the video after the jump).

[via Videogum]

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