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7 out of 10 Google users prefer Bing

Image totally ripped off from Digital Inspiration.
A recent, independent report claims that out of 15 Google users forced to use Bing exclusively for a week, 10 stated that would continue to use Bing after the end of the experiment.

These (shocking?) results come after Microsoft hired a research firm to look into how 'transient' we Internet searchers are. Do we stick to Google through loyalty, or purely because there's no adequate replacement? I've always thought it was more of the latter: the Internet is all about scoring the best free ride. We continually hop from service to service as monthly fees are introduced, or if another site has functionality that we require.

This report suggests that Bing might be just as good as Google, or even better. With that knowledge in hand, Microsoft merely has to temporarily shift people to its new search engine -- and they'll stick. Be ready to see a lot more Bing-related special offers!

[via digital inspiration]

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