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Zoho apps now able to suck files straight from your Google Docs storage

You've been able to sign in to and use Zoho's ever-expanding group of web apps with your Google account for quite some time. Now, they're taking things a step further.

You can now side-load files into Zoho straight from your Google Docs storage. Composing an email in Zoho but need a file from your Google stash? No problem. Once you've granted access, Zoho can pluck anything from Docs without breaking a sweat.

On the email side, there's currently a five-file limit, but Zoho is reportedly working bumping that figure up. Transferring files from Google to Zoho is lightning fast, and a real timesaver for anyone whose ISP throtlles uploads as vigorously as mine does.

Hey, this is great news if for no other reason than the extra storage space it provides for your Zoho files. Google Docs gives you plenty of room and it's totally free, so why not use it as spill-over?

[via TechCrunch]

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