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Free up memory in Chromium with a single click

You may not have played with Chromium's (or Google Chrome's) task manager before. It's really more intended for developer use, but it does provide some valuable functionality for the rest of us as well.

One which has been added recently is the ability to free up memory. Like other browsers, Chrome and Chromium can get a little RAM-hungry after extended browsing sessions. By adding the --purge-memory-button switch to your command line, you'll get exactly that -- a purge memory button on the Task Manager screen.

Once you've made the change, your shortcut's target should look like this (on Windows, of course):
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe --purge-memory-button
Press shift + ESC after you've been browsing for a little while in Chromium top bring up the task manager. Press the purge button, and you'll notice several of your memory figures drop (some quite drastically).

This is a fairly recent addition to the Chromium nightly builds, so it has yet to arrive in the developer or beta versions of Chrome. Keep your eyes peeled, though - it's sure to arrive soon, at least on the dev channel.

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