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Tweetdeck updates with lists, retweets and geotagging

Tweetdeck's latest update brings support for Twitter's most recent new features, including lists and geotagging. In fact, if you're gaga over Twitter lists, I'd venture to say that Tweetdeck is probably the client for you. Tweetdeck's groups feature, which has been one of its biggest selling points since it started, has been rolled into lists. Your old groups will still be there, but new groups you create will be added as Twitter lists, and your current lists will function the way groups always have in Tweetdeck. In terms of making and editing lists, Tweetdeck also seems to have the most useful interface of any client out there.

Other than keeping lists synced up, Tweetdeck has also added geotagging support. You can tag your tweets with locations, and view the locations of other geotagged tweets on inline Google Maps. Yep, the maps pop up right their in your stream. If you're somehow still not convinced that Tweetdeck has gone all-out to keep up with Twitter's features, check out its support for the new retweet format. Like Tweetie 2.1 for iPhone, Tweetdeck shows both avatars on a retweet: the retweeter and the original poster.

Tweetdeck has also added LinkedIn to its various stream-reading options, which already included Facebook. How much longer until they have to stop calling it Tweetdeck, and start calling it Streamdeck or SocialNetworkOverloadDeck?

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