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They're cracking down on MySpace and Facebook predators, watch out!

A Loiter T-shirt design. Buy one, so I don't feel bad for using their art.Over 3,500 convicted New York sex offenders have been kicked off social networks this week. It is the first time that the new 'e-STOP' (Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators) act of 2008 has actually been used, and we can only assume that more sex pests will be rounded up and shuffled off and away from the poor, innocent, defenseless Cyberspace kiddies in due course.

Under the new e-STOP Act, sex offenders must provide their email addresses and online aliases to the State so that their online activities can be monitored. By registering on Facebook and MySpace, some of the offenders have broken terms of their parole and will end up back in prison.

This can only be good news for the children -- and the parents of those children -- that continue to use social networking sites behind the blissful barrier of ignorance. There have been a few recent calls for Facebook to actively background-check those that sign up to its service. Obviously, at their size, that's impossible. But it's nice to see the state of New York taking a proactive stance on the issue of online predators.

[via NY Daily News]

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