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Skin your Windows 7 taskbar without patching with AeroWorks

Everyone loves a little skin - for their apps, that is.

Want a simple way to tweak your Windows 7 superbar? Try AeroWorks, a simple theming program created by DeviantArt user Solo-Dev.
It ships with seven skins which can be previewed with one click and applied with another. They're only active while AeroWorks is running, so be sure to click the green minimize arrow and not the red x after making a change.

The creators plans include releasing three versions once AeroWorks is complete - free, basic, and ultimate. While the free version likely won't support much more than what you see here, I did find that you can at least modify the existing skins using your favorite editor. You have to browse to the AeroWorks\skins folder first and take ownership of the files you want to edit first, but then you're good to go.

No system file patching is required, and it only uses about 8MB of memory (which you can probably spare).

I do have two complaints. First, it does't work well with a vertical superbar. You can get decent results if you do a fair bit of editing yourself, but out-of-the-box it's nothing to get excited about. Second, the program's window is over-Aeroed and very hard to read on light backgrounds. I had to change my wallpaper in order to be able to read what I was clicking on.

Complaints aside, AeroWorks is a nice, low-impact way to customize your Windows 7 superbar.

[via Into Windows]

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