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Easily block adult sites with the ProConn Latte addon for Firefox

Looking for an easy way to keep your children (husband, staff, boss, dog, or anyone else) from viewing adult websites? If your systems are using Firefox to handle web browsing duties, take a look at the ProConn Latte addon.*

Latte enables you to filter by keywords and comes packaged with an extensive, preconfigured list of blocked terms and sites. You can, of course, add and remove words and import and export entire lists. Settings can also be password-protected to ensure that no one is making changes without permission.

The addon also supports whitelisting so you can ensure certain sites are always available. You know, just in case you want to make sure your users can access, say, Download Squad pages containing words you've marked as taboo. Without the whitelist enabled, even Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc. search results for off-limits terms won't be displayed.

ProCon Latte is compatible with Firefox versions 2+ including 3.7a1pre.

*if your systems have more than one browser installed you probably want to use a more comprehensive blocking app, like a proxy

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