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8 years late: Microsoft finally pushes users to upgrade from IE6

August 27, 2001 - Internet Explorer 6 launches. The entire Internet (minus the three Opera users) adopts the new-and-shiny Microsoft browser. In the eight (8) long, soul-destroying years since, users have been mostly oblivious to the pain and misery that Microsoft has brought upon senior Internet architects and lowly website designers alike.

For 8 years, a vast percentage of the Internet's user base have been accruing malware and useless toolbars. Today, even after the invention of Firefox, Safari and Chrome, and the updates of Internet Explorer 7 and 8, a full TWENTY THREE PERCENT of the Internet still uses IE6!

23%! And Microsoft are to blame! History took a turn for the worse when IE6 was fatefully included as the default browser in Windows XP. Couple in the fact that it was made available for both Windows 95 and 98, and the huge number of Internet and corporate Intranet web apps that were developed in the past decade with only IE6 compatibility in mind... and you can see why IE6 and its antiquated, creaking, non-standard and insecure rendering engine still reigns supreme.

But that's all about to change. Hopefully. Microsoft is now advertising their IE8 browser as a direct competitor to its grunting, hairy-hobo, spyware-ridden predecessor. Touting better security and neat new features like Web Slices, Microsoft are hoping to shift those steadfast 23% to their new browser.

It won't work of course. Most of those IE6 users are enterprise or corporate users that are tied down due bespoke software or useless IT directors. It's not like Microsoft can force IE6 to update automatically. But it sure is nice to see them making an effort.

[via CNET]

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