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Microsoft releases Windows 7 Family Guy clips, horrifies world

Remember when Microsoft thought it was a good idea to enlist characters from Family Guy as their new Windows 7 spokespeople? It was a funny idea, but somewhere between the beginning of production and the scheduled air-date, Microsoft executives realized two things: a) the target audience for a Windows 7 commercial is probably not getting high and watching cartoons right now, and b) the ads just weren't very good.

After seeing clips of the Family Guy ads, I'm not convinced they're better than Microsoft's previous big-budget ad failure, those Seinfeld and Bill Gates spots. At least the Seinfeld ads were totally weird, instead of taking a show you know and love and painfully shoehorning some product placement where it doesn't belong. A mention of Windows 7 in an actual episode of Family Guy could at least have been played for big laughs, but these clips fall flat.

Don't believe me? See for yourself after the jump.

[via Gizmodo]

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