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New website covers the rejected iPhone app beat

When Apple first started rejecting iPhone apps for strange or controversial reasons, it was newsworthy, but after a while it became impractical to write about all of these rejections, because - my gosh! - you could fill an entire site with these! has done just that. It's a new site you can check to see all the latest disputed app rejections.

AppRejections is a bit of schadenfreude for Apple-haters who enjoy reveling in what seems to be Apple's most unpopular policy, but it's also a place for developers to send their problems with the App Store. It lets developers commiserate and let off some steam, but it also provides some information about Apple's seemingly-inconsistent app approval policies. Heck, maybe Apple VP Phil Schiller will even descend from on high again to fix some of the more egregious rejections.

[via TheAppleBlog]

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