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Social media a smash hit on the Xbox -- 2 million users in its first week!

It seems the recent addition of Twitter, Facebook and to the Xbox Live experience is proving to be a hit! The jury's still out on whether Twitter has been such a huge success on the PS3, but I'm sure Sony will release a statement soon to compete with Microsoft.

According to a spokesman from Microsoft, over 2 million users logged into Facebook using their console... in just the first week! Not only did they log in and poke their cute prospective girlfriends and answer banal questions about each other, they also created half a million accounts and streamed a total of 120 million minutes of music -- again, in just the first week!

These crazy numbers are shocking; it's truly a case of build-it-and-they-will-come. The break-neck pace at which Microsoft and Sony update their consoles is a sure sign that competition between the PS3 and Xbox is still hotting up.

The console war is not yet over! Poor Wii... there's a new Zelda title coming soon, right?

[via CNET]

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