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Handbrake 0.94 transcodes DVDs even faster

Handbrake, the insanely great multi-platform video transcoder - or "dvd ripper," if you're really being honest - just got its first update in almost a year. The biggest new change is 64-bit support, which means a 10% jump in encoding speed. According to our sister site, TUAW, Mac users don't even need to be running Snow Leopard to get the 64-bit advantage: it also works on OS X 10.5 on 64-bit capable machines.

If you're a fan of the AVI or xVid formats, you're out of luck with this release of Handbrake. These formats have been dropped in favor of pushing H.264. The good news is that you should now be able to rip DVDs in real time, or darn close. There's also a time-saving Live Preview option, so you can check the quality of your rips without waiting until they finish.

[via TUAW]

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