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Spotify music service comes to Nokia phones, North American users still screwed

I admit it, European Download Squad readers: I'm jealous of you. My friends in London and Paris are swapping Spotify playlists like crazy, and we Americans and our brothers to the north still don't have access to this awesome music service. Heck, it doesn't even take a fancy phone to use Spotify in Europe anymore: it's just arrived on Nokia's Symbian phones.

This is a huge move for Spotify, which already has iPhone and Android apps. Nokia phones are extremely popular in the lucky parts of the world where Spotify is available, and supporting such a wide range of devices allows Spotify to look down its nose at passé walled gardens like iTunes. When Spotify comes to North America - sometime next year, but not soon enough! - it'll face competition on the iPhone, but I don't see a clear rival on Android or Symbian devices.

Do you? What will be your mobile music app of choice for 2010?

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