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Facebook users approve new privacy policy

Facebook made a promise earlier this year to listen to user input about any changes to its terms of service and privacy policy, and so far they've followed through. Facebook opened up a comment period on an update to the privacy policy earlier this month, and now the users have spoken and approved the changes. During the process, the Facebook Site Governance fan page doubled its membership, growing to almost 500,000 fans.

The new privacy policy was written from scratch, so it's hard to point to item-by-item changes. In general, the new terms are stricter about the kind of data Facebook can share with third parties, and the degree of access advertisers have to Facebook users. Facebook has raised the ire of users in the past with programs like Facebook Beacon (which published your activity on third-party sites to your Facebook account). Beacon has been discontinued under the new privacy policy.

[via AppScout]

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