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Canonical working on an iTunes-like music store for Ubuntu?

One program people I know miss when they've tried to switch to Linux is iTunes. Like it or not, Apple's desktop app has gained the reputation of being the place to buy music and video downloads. But iTunes on Linux? Fuhgettaboutit.

That leaves an opportunity for someone in the Linux community to step up and deliver an alternative. Enter Canonical, who may be preparing to do just that in time for the release of Lucid Lynx.

Over at LaunchPad, there's a blueprint called Ubuntu One Music Store which states its goal as "to deliver the ability to purchase music from within a desktop music player." There's nothing much yet for details on the associated wiki, so there's no telling yet what exactly might be in the works.

As Joe Panettieri points out at WorksWithU, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth mentioned Amazon during a press call for the launch of Karmic Koala. Unlike Apple, Amazon was more than happy to show Linux users some love - offering a downloader for purchases from their MP3 store. They're also pretty chummy already thanks to that whole cloud thing.

Even if the Ubuntu One Music Store ends up being an affiliate app powered by Amazon, it could provide a decent revenue stream for Canonical. It's also one more feature that could entice users to give Linux a try on their desktop.

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