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Mozilla launches Jetpack Gallery, restart-free pseudo add-ons now available

Jetpack is certainly an interesting project, and the fact that it brings no-restart add-on-like functionality to Firefox is awesome.

Today, Mozilla announced the launch of the Jetpack Gallery. It is to jetpacks what the Firefox add-ons site is to traditional add-ons. Up until now, Jetpack users had pretty limited options for finding packs - a single page of descriptions and links maintained by Mozilla and a community-powered assortment at

At the Jetpack Gallery, you can search for jetpacks and browse by tag. The assortment is still quite limited, though submissions will likely begin flowing in now that the doors have officially opened.

It looks as though Mozilla is going to review all submissions, though for now you'll find find the warning at the right accompanying every install button in the Gallery. That's no surprise, really, since the Jetpack add-on itself is still considered experimental.

Those of you waiting for add-ons without a reboot, Jetpack is as close as you can get right now. Head on over to the Gallery to install the Jetpack add-on and try out some packs like JetWave (a Google Wave notifier) and JetStatus (a Twitter client).

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