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Firefox for Mobile Beta now available... if you own a Nokia N810 or N900

All ten of you that don't own a BlackBerry or iPhone... rejoice! I just can't believe I get to use the new Firefox for Mobile logo twice in two days.

It might be buggy, it might be slow, but the Fennec web browser has finally been branded a Mozilla product and dubbed the 'Firefox for Mobile Beta 5'. If you want to see a picture of it up and running on a mobile handset, head on over to the NokiaExperts website.

Here's a quick run-down of the features and neat bits:
  • AWESOMEBAR -- I had no idea it was actually called this. It's the searching-url-navigation-bar thing. I wonder how slow it searches through my web history, compared to the sluggish performance on my laptop...
  • Security -- password manager, pop-up blocker, automatic updates -- all there!
  • Add-ons -- you can find and install add-ons straight to the device (though I have no idea what kind of add-on compatibility there is...)
  • Device geolocation -- it seems there's a JavaScript API call that lets developers/web sites geolocate the handset? Cool.
  • Neat swiping stuff -- swipe left and right to expose and hide navigation and tabs.
Awesome! Now when do we see it on a device with larger-than-miniscule user base?

[via NokiaExperts]

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