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YouScrobble mashes up and YouTube

Music fans have been using YouTube as a quick way to listen to songs for ages now, and it looks like developers are finally catching on. I recently told you about, which turns YouTube into a pretty nice little music player. Now there's another YouTube/ mashup called YouScrobble. It's a similar service, but with a twist: YouScrobble is a music players, but it also allows you to download a limited number of songs.

YouScrobble, true to its name, will scrobble your songs to your account, while's integration with is limited to mining it for track data. On the other hand, shows the actual music video for each song and automatically puts together the track listings of album. It's really a tossup between the two, but if you don't care about downloading - heck, you can just use Dirpy to download any song from YouTube, anyway - I think TubeRadio is the better choice.

[via ghacks]

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