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With the release of the Droid and Android OS 2.0, Google has set up a head-on gadget war with Apple's iPhone. Even if they've got a comparably-cool piece of hardware and a nice OS, Android will have to compete with (arguably) the iPhone's biggest selling point: apps. If Mobile for Android is any indication, Android will do just fine. The Android version of offers everything the iPhone version does.

That means you can crop, zoom and flip your photos, as well as adding filters and color adjustments. Black and white, sepia and soft focus are just a touch away. The app also plugs into, so you can browse your photo library and upload new shots. The only difference between the Android and iPhone versions, as John Gruber pointed out over at Daring Fireball, is that the Android version includes a straighten tool for devices without multitouch.

[via AppScout]

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