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Windows 7 Edition Switcher lets you change your ISO from Home to Ultimate

A lot of techy types weren't too excited when Microsoft changed the Windows 7 ISO. Beta and RC versions lumped all the versions on one DVD.

Heck, this was one big thing I thought Microsoft did right with Windows Vista. I had one DVD and I could load any of the 39 different versions using the same disc. Windows 7 ISOs and DVDs? Not so much. They're single-version.

Frustrated techs are never content to sit back and deal with annoyances - like the developer behind Windows 7 ISO Edition Switcher. Download the free, portable app and you can easily convert any Windows 7 ISO to the version you need. Sure, it's pretty easy to do this by editing a text file but Switcher is about as painless as the process can get.

Pick the patch file you need from the ones included in the zip, pick your ISO, and presto! Patched ISO, ready to burn.

Big thanks to VT4000 for submitting this via our comments!!

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