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We're gonna need a bigger boat: Grooveshark attacks your desktop

Damn you, Grooveshark! I've been doing just fine without any Adobe Air applications installed on my system. But you come along and release a standalone interface, and now I'm hooked.

As Sebastien reported with Waver, the Grooveshark Air app seems to be a bit more smooth and responsive than the browser-based version. Whatever the reason, as a guy that runs on unstable, developer-channel browsers that have a penchant for crashing, it's nice to have my streaming audio running stably in its own app.

The app's system tray icon provides pause, skip, and previous controls, and notifications with album art and track info can also be set to appear in whichever corner you prefer.

Grooveshark Desktop is currently for VIPs only. If you have a $3/month paid account, just sign in and head to your account page (or click here) to download Desktop. Adobe Air is required, but as long as you have the Flash Player plugin the install just takes a couple of clicks and some patience.

So now I've got a great out-of-browser way to access Grooveshark on my desktop. I wonder when I'll be able to do this on my iPod Touch? Soon, I hope.

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