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AOL Tech debuts Portable Google Chrome and Portable Skype has been amassing a large, loyal fanbase for years - and with good reason. The project continues to turn out useful applications that we love to run from our USB flash drives.

Today, project lead John T. Haller announced the addition of a handful of closed source applications to the PortableApps family - something that has never been done before. Haller offers a number of reasons for the move, ending with "it's the right thing to do. Keeping an open platform and allowing all software to compete on a level playing field just makes sense."

So what's been added to the suite? For starters, portable versions of Google Chrome and Skype. Also offered are Download Squad reader favorites like Free Commander as well as the 2x terminal client and SpyDLLRemover (an anti-malware app). More apps - like IcoFX and XMPlay - are coming soon.

Open source devotees, never fear - the OSS PortableApps suite download doesn't include the freeware apps by default.

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