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Want to learn about Windows 7? Microsoft offers you a look at its features

While much of the Download Squad audience is already well-educated about Windows 7, there are still many of you who might not know what all the fuss is about. Over the next week or two, you're going to be seeing and hearing a lot about Microsoft's new operating system, so our team is going to help bring you up to speed.

So what's all the fuss about? All the badmouthing aimed at Windows Vista made plenty of consumers stay away last time. Don't think Microsoft is unaware of that fact. They know, and they worked pretty hard to make sure that Windows 7 was "Vista done right."

What's different about Windows 7 - and what makes it better? Who better to answer those questions than Microsoft?
Over at the Windows 7 product page on, you'll find a great deal of information about the new operating system. In particular you may want to check out the Features and Videos pages, where you can see many of Windows 7's new features in action (the video below is our own early look at the new taskbar).

You might want to have the Windows Media player plugin installed (click here to get it) first, or you can open the files with Windows Media Player. Here are some topics you shouldn't miss:

Videos (direct link to video files, open them with Windows Media Player):
And of course there's plenty of Windows 7 reading material right here on Download Squad which you can check out. There's also more on the way, so stay tuned!

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