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Breaking: iPhone users 300% more likely to Tweet after sexy parties

News just in: iPhone users are three times more likely to Tweet or Facebook their sexual antics than BlackBerry users.

I'll just put into words what you're all thinking: what a big frackin' surprise. Apple users more vapid and self-centered than other-brand gadgeteers? Say it ain't so!

In fact, stereotypical Apple users are a classic example of modern-day 'Napoleon complex' (or 'short man syndrome' as you might know it by). Their gadgets -- their white, creamy, curvy, brushed-aluminium gadgets -- are compensating for something else. In this case, a lackluster sex life: 'Yeh, totally jst gve her some juice, lol.'

Anyway, moving on, back to the news rather than what we already know. This new report from Retrevo finds that 36% of all under-35 year olds update their Facebook wall or Twitter accounts post-coitally. Perhaps unsurprisingly, men are twice as likely as women to take part in this godawful practice.

I guess we should just be grateful that the report focused on what happens after rather than during... After all, we know someone paid to have the Passion app rate their performance between the sheets.

[via CNet]

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