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Ask DLS: shouldn't we be able to download our Vista-to-Windows 7 upgrade?

The Windows 7 beta was downloadable. The release candidate was downloadable. But the Vista-to-Windows 7 offer upgrade shipping with most retail computer systems? Not so much.

It says so right on the Upgrade Option site's landing page: "Upgrades for qualifying orders will be shipped on DVD, beginning on the Windows 7 general availability date of 22 October 2009." Boo.

Why can't we have a download, Microsoft? Apart from the fact that it's one less DVD that needs to be pressed, one less case, one less insert, mailer, and so on - it's also a needless waste of time. If you let me generate a product code like you do on TechNet or did with the previous downloads, my customer could have a fully activated Windows 7 install right now.

I'm not willing to gamble that Canada Post will get his copy here before the activation grace period expires. For now, he's leaving with a Vista laptop which he'll have to bring back later so I can migrate him to Windows 7 once his disc arrives.

What do you think about the lack of a download option? Take the poll, and leave your comments after the break!

Should Microsoft offer a download option for the Vista-to-Windows 7 upgrade offer?
Yes427 (94.1%)
No27 (5.9%)

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