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Zoho Projects now integrates with Google Apps

Although Zoho offers a suite of apps that competes with Google Apps, there's no reason for them to let the huge Google Apps userbase slip through their fingers when it comes to project management. Zoho Projects, the planning and collaboration web app from Zoho, now integrates with Google Apps. You can now sign into Zoho Projects with your Google Apps login, and plug your Google Docs right into Zoho.

That's not all, though. When you schedule deadlines and milestones in Zoho Projects, you can export them automatically to Google Calendar. There's also an OpenSocial widget for Zoho Projects, so you can put Zoho Projects into Gmail or on your iGoogle homepage. It seems less like Zoho is importing your Google data, and more like it's becoming the missing project management app that Google Apps doesn't have.

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