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Wikia gets into the lyrics business, acquires LyricWiki

Most people have heard of Wikipedia, but Wikia (co-founded by Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales) is a little bit less well-known. It's a collection of fan-based wikis where people can obsessively catalog info about sports teams, bands, movies, and all kinds of other pop culture material. The latest addition to Wikia is song lyrics, now that the company has purchased LyricWiki.

In the process of snapping up LyricWiki, Wikia also negotiated a licensing deal for the song lyrics themselves, so there's no worry about record companies trying to shut the site down. Wikia runs on open-source wiki software and doesn't show tons of ads, like every other lyric site you'll stumble upon if you try Googling for song lyrics. It also has the advantage of a large number of users to correct the lyrics, so you're likely to find more accurate results than on sites that function more as banner-ad billboards than lyrics collections.

[via VentureBeat]

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